Robotic Surgery

The da Vinci Robot is used to assist with a variety of Laparoscopic procedures such as Total or Subtotal Hysterectomy, Pelvic Floor Repair for large vaginal prolapses, Myomectomy (removal of fibroids), treatment of severe endometriosis or other difficult pelvic surgery such as removal of entrapped ovaries.

The da Vinci Robot not only offers the surgeon 3D vision (with remote control of the laparoscope) but also better control and precision and much improved dexterity due to the articulation of the tiny instruments held by the robotic arms. The ergonomics are also significantly better than traditional laparoscopy with less surgeon fatigue whilst seated at a dedicated console a few metres away from the anaesthetised patient.

These various advantages provide the surgeon better access to awkward areas of the pelvis with more precise surgical dissection, minimal blood loss and greatly improved ability to suture in very confined spaces.

By using the da Vinci system your surgeon is able to perform very complex procedures via a minimally invasive approach more easily. This provides patients with the advantages of less post-operative pain, small scars and a quicker recovery and return to work. Many such procedures can now be done with just one or two nights in hospital.

You may wish to look at the following links regarding the da Vinci system. Further videos are also readily available online (e.g. YouTube) for those interested to do so.


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